Sunday, February 14, 2016

Poltergeist Busters Get A Call

Auntie Pat Tern mentioned that she loves a good ghost story, so I looked through my code and told her about the Poltergeist object I found there.

Poltergeist objects exist simply for the purpose of passing data from one place to another and are essentially useless.  These objects don't serve a clear function relative to business or technology rules, instead they just take up space.  Poltergeists are unlike Leads, which are required by business rules to hold data until it can be verified and converted to Contacts.  Leads aren't Poltergeists because they service the business rules related to data verification.

The object I found in my code was no Lead, it was a troublesome Poltergeist.
In the above code, the Order object serves no purpose other than passing data from an external system into Salesforce.  Since there is no verification process defined, there doesn't need to be a holding bin for data, and it could be passed directly into the Sales Order object that already existed in our Salesforce org. We can simply refactor the code to write directly to the third-party object rather than the Poltergeist.

Auntie Pat Tern said she's seen a lot of weird stuff, but the code in my org might be the scariest of all.

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