Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rethink Salesforce Projects With Great Administration Techniques

System administrators are getting more tools with even greater power with every new Salesforce release.  Tools like Lightning App Builder, Process Builder and Visual Flow work like visual programming tools.  They offer clicks-not-code solutions that can bring down project costs of time and expertise by eliminating the need for developer involvement in the creation and maintenance of all but the most complex projects.

This year at Dreamforce, I will be helping admins learn skills they can use to better plan and implement projects in their orgs.  Please look for my sessions here:

Getting To Know Visual Workflow (Tuesday session)


Getting To Know Visual Workflow (Thursday session)

Choose either of these sessions to learn about this powerful tool.  It requires no coding experience to use, but works like a visual programming tool enabling you to improve user interface and user experience, manage data consistency and integrity, and automate business processes without needing to write any code.

7 Essential Tips Every Admin Should Know About Apex

Whether you are working with in-house developers or hiring contractors, learn what to look for to ensure the code you are getting follows best practices and meets your needs.  This session will introduce you to concepts that will help ensure the overall health of your org and help you to work better with developers.

Trailhead Gladiators

Join us for these fun sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to discover how Trailhead helps you stretch your skills.  You may be able to win prizes, but best of all, you will see what Trailhead has to offer as a learning tool.  And with more knowledge, everyone's a winner.

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