Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sometimes We All Need A Hand

It is entirely possible to be stuck and not even know it.   Recently, I found a small bird trapped in a glassed-in stairwell.  The stairwell was bright and well ventilated, and the bird perched on the window pane was moderately comfortable, but I thought he could use a hand getting out of the tight spot he didn’t even know he was in.  It was only when he accepted my help that I noticed he’d been banging his head against the wall over and over again, running into the same obstacles when he tried to expand his own reach.
No more bagging your head against the wall.

By joining a Salesforce user group, you can get yourself unstuck.  Find resources to help you expand what you are doing in Salesforce, learn about features you aren’t using fully and see what your peers are doing with their Salesforce organizations.  While you are at it, see what you can do to help someone else get unstuck.

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